Album Review: alone. – Somewhere in The Sierras

Somewhere in The Sierras by alone

#aotd is Somewhere in The Sierras by alone. This album has a distinctive sound which pulls from aspects of Alternative Rock, Indie Rock and even Indie Pop at points. The album’s sound is very expansive, in a way not unlike the Of Monsters and Men album I reviewed earlier this year. Every song on here sounds like it has been recorded on a mountain thanks to the production which fills the mix out and makes every instrument sound huge and echoed. This album is instrumentally varied, from the strings on the closing track “Maternity Leave (Funeral March 28th)” to the drum machine percussion on “Leave Me”, the album shows off a variation of styles and tempos throughout its duration. What do remain fairly consistent are the spaced out vocals which, unfortunately, are fairly hit or miss. On the track “Please Try” the vocalist remains mainly in his high register and shows some real passion and energy on the pre-chorus and chorus; an energy which tracks like “Redundant, Redundant” and “Maternity Leave” really could have done with. I can’t shake the feeling that the vocalist is just overreaching most the time, like on “Leave Me” where he sounds almost like Antony from Antony and The Johnsons but lacks the technical ability to sound convincing. Then there is the awful “You Are My Sunshine”, which features some mediocre vocal performances, cringe inducing lyrics and one of the few moments of poor production on the album. I can see what they were going for with this track but it was executed so poorly it is wince inducing. Despite this big misstep, the atmosphere and cohesion the album brings with its production and instrumentation is excellent and far beyond what is expected for a debut effort. Somewhere in The Sierras is ultimately cut down by its own over-ambition but the overall package isn’t bad, it just could have been so much more.
Rating: 3.1/5


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