Album Review: For All Eternity – Metanoia

Metanoia by For All Eternity

#aotd is Metanoia by For All Eternity. Musically, this album utilizes a progressive metalcore sound popularized by bands such as Northlane and Erra. For All Eternity manage to do justice to the pretty well established sound they take on with this album. The guitars do a lot of chugging for the most part but there is some decent melodic riffing on pretty much all the tracks here. The riffing introduces us to the first issue of this album though, its production. Overproduction is not an uncommon issue in the genre but this album really oversteps the line between sounding clean and sounding synthetic. The riffs are usually buried by the ridiculously loud chugs, as are the synths and even the vocals. The vocals themselves lose their aggressive edge and feel very robotic due to their slight distortion and over-amplification. The vocalist is decent on here for the most part, showing some variation between his lows and actually pretty impressive highs. The presence of a clean vocalist helps the album a tonne, though the performance of the clean vocalist is average at best and he completely fails to carry the track “Stitched The Same” by himself, his shorter contributions to songs like “The Divide” help keep the album fresh. The title track showcases everything this album does well, it features a good dual vocal performance and a heavy breakdown nicely complemented by synths alongside some traces of serviceable songwriting. The other tracks on here fail where “Metanoia” doesn’t because they don’t implement all the strengths of the album, maybe there will be some cleans and synths here and there but mostly it is just the monotonous chugging which is undone by the shitty production. Even the breakdowns are underwhelming because they are written to sound huge and devastating but they fail to stick out amidst the constant chugs which comprise most of the songs. Metanoia has some entertaining moments but this band does literally nothing to stand out amongst their peers, which leads to some painfully mediocre results.
Rating: 2.5/5


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