Album Review: Senses Fail – Pull The Thorns From Your Heart

Pull The Thorns From Your Heart by Senses Fail

#aotd is Pull The Thorns From Your Heart by Senses Fail. This album has a solid hardcore base but also implements some post-hardcore and post-rock elements. Senses Fail has been a well-known band in the scene for over a decade now and has evolved their sound in a multitude of ways over their career. This album sees the band taking a on a heavier, more straightforward hardcore sound with a few curveballs in between. What does remain from previous albums is frontman Buddy Nielsen’s deeply personal lyricism which is probably at its most visceral with the hardcore backdrop. Buddy’s screams are pretty mediocre on this album however, and his singing voice also feels lacking without a decent hook to carry it. The shoddy production on here does his voice no favour as well, in fact, the shoddy production really hurts the listenability of this album overall. The more straight up hardcore songs on here like “The Courage of an Open Heart” and “the Importance of The Moment of Death” are forgettable despite Buddy’s great lyrics, thanks to some seriously underweight sounding guitars and drums. The floaty guitar sound suits the spacey tracks like “Wounds” fine, the album would have been much better off if the production was less cohesive and more focussed on bringing out the best of each track individually instead of slathering every song with this hollow sound which just doesn’t fit in some areas. Luckily, the band does show off some of their songwriting experience through tracks like “Dying Words” and the title track which are interesting enough compositionally to be entertaining. I can’t help but feel like this album sees Senses Fail taking on a style which is being done better by so many other bands currently. There are some decent moments on this album and the band are still sounding inspired, but the songs themselves need to be rebuilt from the ground up with better production so that inspiration can properly reach the listener the way it has for so many years now.
Rating: 3/5


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