Album Review: Counterparts – Tragedy Will Find Us

Tragedy Will Find Us by Counterparts

#aotd is Tragedy Will Find Us by Counterparts. Musically, this album blends Hardcore and aspects of Metalcore, with a focus on melodic guitarwork. Counterparts is a band that uses a simple formula on the surface, a melodic hardcore band with emotional songs about dealing with life’s hardships set to stop and start fast drumwork with the occasional breakdown or slower instrumental passage. It’s nothing particularly unique, but the band differentiates themselves with some small nuances and a tonne of passion. One of their biggest trump cards is their frontman Brendan Murphy, who is a more than competent lyricist and a super passionate performer. Brendan writes about situations that are undoubtedly deeply personal for him but he communicates these situations with lyrics that are loaded with memorable lines helping them to connect with anyone who has had similar struggles. His adept lyricism paired with his potently emotional screaming makes even the simplest instrumental sections on this album stick with you. This is evident on the breakdown of “Stranger” which is compositionally typical but is elevated by Brendan roaring “I am a stranger when I look into the eyes of those I love”, it is a fittingly direct declaration when paired with the savage energy of the breakdown. The rest of the band pull their own weight on here as well, there are the small things like the beautiful melodic guitars in the early parts of “Drown”, then the super tight drum performance which feels just as impassioned as Brendan himself. The drums are complemented nicely by the production which is appropriately organic but still gives the album a crisp sheen and a cohesive sound track for track. If there was any criticism I could level at this album it’s that it doesn’t throw any curveballs, it never becomes repetitive but the sound of the album is laid out completely on the first track and it doesn’t diverge from that sound at any point. It’s an album you’d expect Counterparts to make; the only surprise here is that they have maintained the high quality of their previous releases so well. The momentum remains firmly behind Counterparts with Tragedy Will Find Us, as the band continues climbing to the top of the Hardcore scene.
Rating: 4.3/5


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