Album Review: Mutoid Man – Bleeder

Bleeder by Mutoid Man

#aotd is Bleeder by Mutoid Man. Musically, this album pulls from a multitude of genres; from stoner rock to hardcore, this album is not content with a streamlined sound. The album kicks off at a blistering pace and does not relent ‘til the very closing track. The band pull off this pace with the greatest of ease, they show off all the instrumental proficiency you’d expect from a “supergroup” containing members of legendary bands like Converge and Cave In. The intro riff to the track “Sweet Ivy” is a great example of the kind of flashy, almost boastful guitarwork found on every track on here. The drum performances on here are super impressive as well; on the track “Surveillance” the drummer rides the odd time signatures with confidence and bravado making the back end of the mix just as exhilarating as the front. The vocal performance on here is cheesy in the best way, with the frontman drawing obvious influence from the likes of Rob Halford and Robert Plant. This is best exemplified by the belter of a performance he gives on the title track where he hits some powerful notes. Alongside his nostalgic swagger, the frontman also packs the occasional guttural roar which gives the music a sharper, more aggressive edge. At times, it would have been nice to hear some of the vocal theatrics a bit louder in the mix instead of the constant guitar shredding but the guitar performance more than justifies its place in the mix. Because of the constant barraging nature of the album, it can fly by pretty quickly and some songs don’t stick out individually. However, by the time this album is finished, you’ll just want to go straight back to track one and take the ride again as this is one of the most fun albums of the year so far.
Rating: 4.0/5


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