Album Review: Ratatat – Magnifique


#aotd is Magnifique by Ratatat. Musically, this album blends electronic and math rock to form a synthetic sound with some raw aesthetic. Instrumentally, this album features some good performances; from the rousing guitarwork on “Pricks of Brightness” to the Spongebob Squarepants-esque instrumentation on “Drift”, the band pull together some well-played ideas. The issue is, as well-played these ideas are at times, they are hardly ever interesting. Songs like the title track, while pleasant on the ears, never really elevate themselves beyond faint elevator music. What makes this album so unmemorable is the paper thin production and the lack of instrumental depth. At no point, even during what should be its most intense moments, does this album captivate you or do anything to demand your undivided attention. The instruments sound nice, but are neither crisp nor raw enough to carry the songs in an interesting way. The track “Supreme” for example, meanders on by at a sluggish tempo with no audible instrumental variation to the rest of the album. The way these songs are composed does nothing for me either, with very little in the way of emotional theatrics or dramatic crescendos. What I’m left with is an album that is decent background noise but chugs along at a painfully slow pace with stifling production leading to an ultimately boring experience.
Rating: 2.7/5


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