Album Review: Injury Reserve – Live From The Dentist Office

Live From The Dentist Office by Injury Reserve

#aotd is the mixtape Live From The Dentist Office by Injury Reserve. This album showcases hip-hop with some tongue in cheek lyricism and chilled but dynamic beats. The production on here is pretty varied and distinct from track to track. It incorporates an amalgamation of synths, samples and varying levels of synthetic and organic percussion. The multiple beat switches in tracks like “Friday” and “ttktv” show songwriting with attention to detail and variety. The way the pitch altered vocal sample warps and distorts as “ttktv” progresses is particularly notable as it accompanies the track to the very end. Alongside these longer, moodier cuts, are tracks like “Yo” and “Snowmen” which are a lot louder and faster. The production on these tracks doesn’t slouch though; on “Yo” the beat is driven by a deep bassy percussion which is complemented by rapid fire horns which on one hand feels pretty old school but on the other is done with in a very modern style. The wordplay from the multiple MCs on here is pretty admirable as well. “Everybody Knows” is a braggadocios track but is also very self-aware with lines like “not perfected my craft, but I’m probably a veteran Okay, yeah, not quite, like honourable mention” Injury Reserve acknowledge that this is only the beginning for them but do so with tonnes of confidence and charisma. Then on “Washed Up” they take a more serious approach, describing their old friends in their hometown Injury Reserve lament what has become of their motivations and aspiration with lines like “I’m tired of being put on the same pedestal as these half assers”, the track is delivered with equal part venom and disappointment. What does hold this album back is the over-abundance of slow burning tracks, the track “ttktv” is great but following it with the equally sluggish closer “Falling” is just one of the few pacing decisions which hurts the albums overall listenability. With Live From The Dentist Office Injury Reserve are putting their name on the map in a big way and show the potential to become one of the biggest groups in modern hip-hop.
Rating: 3.5/5


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