Album Review: Knuckle Puck – Copacetic

Copacetic by Knuckle Puck

#aotd is Copacetic by Knuckle Puck. This album has a pretty identifiable modern pop-punk sound but features more technical instrumentation than your average pop-punk album. All over this album, the band prove that they are more than competent both instrumentally and compositionally. The track “True Contrite” features guitarwork which varies as the track progresses instead of maintaining a repetitive tempo. This also goes for the drumming on this album which is technically impressive thanks to some seriously speedy playing and the drummer utilising the whole of his kit very nicely. While the instruments are impressive, I couldn’t fully take them in as the production and mixing of this album is stifling. At many points the guitars and drums are too loud and because of how over-bearing they can be it is hard to pick out the great playing at points. The vocals suffer the most in the mix though, as they sit way too far back which makes the melodies and lyrics occasionally difficult to comprehend. The vocalist sounds decent despite this with some notably good performances on “Wall to Wall (Depreciation)” and “Stationary”. The songwriting on here is a bit lacklustre, very few moments stand-out and the band don’t use any ideas which feel unique or refreshing into their tracks. There are also tracks which awkwardly pad out their endings like the otherwise good song “In Your Crosshairs”, this is particularly annoying when tracks like the previously mentioned “Stationary” feel too short and underwritten. Copacetic is by all means a good pop-punk album but it is marred by some poor production and songwriting which can make it a chore to listen through to the end.
Rating: 3.2/5


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