Album Review: MS MR – How Does It Feel?

How Does It Feel by MS MR

#aotd is How Does It Feel by MS MR. The album is a pretty standard Indie-Pop affair with a notable focus on synths. The album is strong out the gate with the track “Painted”, which is driven by a catchy vocal sample and some fairly pounding drums and synths. The way the vocal sample blends so nicely with the instruments and the frontwoman’s voice makes the song a definite stand-out. Despite this, one damning flaw becomes apparent pretty quickly in the song; the vocal section of the band is seriously lacking, this is especially effecting when it is at the front and centre for a majority of the album. The frontwoman’s voice is not bad, but it is painfully average, and isn’t helped by her occasionally monotone performance. On the song “No Guilt in Pleasure” she desperately tries to muster the dramatic presence needed to pull off the hook but she falls short in a big way. The production does her voice no favours as well, making the harmonies either too quiet to bolster her voice or so loud it overtakes it. Then there are the instruments on here which seriously lack variety and often fail to be engaging or catchy like in “Painted”. The stilted drum beat on “Tripolar” is paired with these overly loud synths which drown out any of the attempted instrumental subtlety. The slower tempo on most of these songs is also a big misstep as many of the songs chug by at the same pace which becomes very repetitious. “Pieces” is one of the isolated examples of the band’s botched songwriting and mediocre vocal presence coming together to form a half decent track with her amateurish refrain of “picking up the pieces with you” sounding appropriately pained and not swallowed by any overly-zealous synths. How Does It Feel is a boring trudge through some incredibly underwhelming songwriting and vocal performances that rarely comes together to form anything worthy of merit.
Rating: 2.4/5


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