Album Review: Weezer – The White Album

#aotd is The White Album by Weezer. This album revisits the glory days of 90’s Weezer with wall-to-wall Power-Pop anthems comprised of booming guitars and the angsty but hook-focussed lyricism of Rivers Cuomo. How Weezer managed to maintain a semblance of a fanbase during the 000’s is both something of a minor miracle and a testament to the strength of their material beforehand. Releasing a dreadful slog of albums which ranged from average at best to insufferable at worst; after the return to form they pulled with 2014’s ‘Everything Will Be Alright In The End’ the entirety of the music sphere let out a collective sigh of relief. If ‘EWBAITE’ helped people to stop hating Weezer, then maybe The White Album can convince people to love them once again as it is easily their most enjoyable and cohesive piece of work since 1996’s ‘Pinkerton’. The most obvious issue with Weezer, specifically Rivers, returning to their 90’s stylings is that their typically angsty lyricism would sound ridiculous coming from a 45 year old man, right? Well, while it does take some suspension of disbelief, the impeccably tight songwriting which lies at the core of these horny pubescent anthems allows Rivers to sneak into the Blue Light unnoticed. “Thank God for Girls” is a catchy as hell Pop-Rock tune about the bitterness and frustrations of unrequited love anchored in simple but punchy instrumentation. Not that the song topics aren’t varied though; the track “King of the World” sees Rivers tackling the insecurities of his wife and wishing he could take them all away. Then “Jacked Up” takes the band to the darkest place they’ve been since ‘Pinkerton’, with Rivers mourning his failed relationships¬—“why do my flowers always die”—backed by a brooding piano line and his straining falsetto. If The White Album doesn’t restore fan goodwill in the Weezer community then I don’t know what will. A collection of superbly written Power-Pop songs with great punchy instrumentation, Rivers Cuomo may be stuck in the past, but this album suggests that it may be the best place for him to be.
Rating: 4/5


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