Album Review: Future of The Left – The Peace & Truce of Future of The Left

This album combines Noise-Rock and Post-Hardcore driven by distorted bass and guitar with snarky lyrics that border on satire. Andrew Falkous has had an excellent run with Future of The Left so far, bringing with him the cynicism, dry humour and raw aggression he developed in Mclusky, he has had plenty of freedom to spew forth his depressing but often hilarious interpretations of modern society. The Peace & Truce introduces a grimier, sludgier sound to the FOTL mix. The track “Back When I Was Brilliant” features a lumbering riff which repeats throughout while Andrew reciprocates this repetition through his vocal lines. It’s moments like these that are at odds with what has come to be expected of the band, never has FOTL sounded so monotone. The rougher production quality coupled with the less dynamic composition leaves these tracks relying on Andrew’s eccentricities more than they have previously. Sometimes it works, like on the track “In a Former Life” where Andrew’s stab at the theory of reincarnation, “in a former life, nobody is a container”, is backed by ritualistic chants and a menacing bass line. There also glimpses of more varied guitar work like on the intro riff of “Eating for None” which features that same snarky lyricism but with more varied and energetic instrumentation. Perhaps the album feels arduous because a majority of these slower tracks are in the first half, wearing you out by the time you reach the significantly more inspired second half. FOTL are a band that need to sound inspired at all times, without appearing to be one step ahead of the listener the lyrical approach of Andrew Falkous feels like more inane psychobabble than it does a potent political statement. While Future of The Left are still one of the most important Rock bands around today, The Peace & Truce of sees them sounding strangely flat and occasionally boring.

Rating: 3/5


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