ARIA Chart Wrap Up: 14/05

The Top Ten:

1. One Dance – Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla
2. This is What You Came For – Calivin Harris ft. Rihanna
3. Dear Life – Delta Goodrem
4. Can’t Stop the Feeling – Justin Timberlake
5. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya
6. Just Like Fire – P!nk
7. I Hate U, I Love U – Gnash ft. Olivia O’Brien
8. Say It – Flume ft. Tove Lo
9. Be The One – Dua Lipa
10. I Took a Pill in Ibiza – Mike Posner

Somehow One Dance managed to stave off the momentum of not one but two debuting heatseekers this week. It’s interesting to note how Can’t Stop the Feeling was able to shoot to the very top of the Billboard chart yet it had a far more unimpressive performance on our charts, stumbling under a Delta Goodrem song for God’s sake. Whether that is indicative of the weakness of Justin’s comeback single or the unbeknownst influence of Delta’s Logies performance is up for debate. Meanwhile, This is What You Came For has nowhere to go but down, Just Like Fire couldn’t be saved by its new video and the influx of local singles perform amicably.


1. Remind Me – Conrad Sewell

Probably some more Logies related activity, or this could also be attributed to its feature in Home & Away? Despite its trashy origins I guess it’s nice to see Conrad Sewell on the charts, Remind Me isn’t really anything special but there’s just enough instrumental and vocal poise to make it a welcome addition.


1. Home – Topic ft. Nick Santos
2. Cake By the Ocean – DNCE
3. My Boo – Ghost Town DJs
4. This Girl – Kungs Vs Cookin’ on 3 Burners
5. Do it Right – Anne-Marie
We have quite a respectable slew of gains this week with the welcome boost for my favourite EDM tracks going at the moment, Home rising up to 20 and This Girl up to 31. It’s almost sad to see Cake By the Ocean finally getting it’s due I mean, this song dropped last year and it’s only now managing to climb into the upper echelon of the chart at 21 after several false-starts. My Boo needs to be stopped now, the joke has run its course and 26 is way too high for a song with such shallow relevancy. Finally Do it Right might be squaring off for Winter success, but with a modest rise to 32, I’m not entirely sold on its ability to win enough attention to take out the higher spots.


1. The Sound of Silence – Disturbed
2. My House – Flo Rida
3. Dangerous Woman – Ariana Grande
4. One Call Away – Charlie Puth
5. Wild Things – Alessia Cara
6. Gold – Kiiara
7. Formation – Beyonce
8. Roses – The Chainsmokers ft. Rozes
9. Work – Rihanna ft. Drake
10. Pillowtalk – Zayn
11. Hold Up – Beyonce
12. Hello – Adele
13. Free – Broods
14. Hands to Myself – Selena Gomez

Of course for any of the newer hits to have a fair chance at success the chart needs to shed its skin of old successes. This is the explanation for most of the songs here, with tracks like The Sound of Silence, Gold and Work having already fulfilled their purposes. It’s sad to see Dangerous Woman slipping so close to the release date of Ariana’s next album, here’s hoping that Into You has more success on the charts. It certainly won’t want to follow in the footsteps of Alessia Cara’s Wild Things, a definite sophomore slump which never found true success, fair enough as well as it is inferior to Here in every way. The real “surprise” here I guess is the sudden drops of Beyonce’s Formation and Hold up to 37 and 42 respectively. Let’s be frank about this though, I don’t think Beyonce will be losing any sleep over chart successes, anyone who has sat down and listened through Lemonade will realise that’s not the kind of success it is destined for.

New Hits:

1. Dear Life – Delta Goodrem
I can’t deny that it is strangely satisfying watching how Delta Goodrem seems to achieve continual gradual successes as the years roll by and so many artists of her era fade into obscurity. Sure most of her songs are soaked in grotesque amounts of earnestness that seem destined for the free-tv soapies that she once made her start in. All that said though, and don’t get me wrong this song is sickeningly earnest, I actually enjoy this quite a bit. The instrumentation has a gorgeous swell and Delta’s performance is great as her voice sounds better than ever and she comes off genuinely engaged and emotive.

2. Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake
The best way to look at this track isn’t as a Justin Timberlake comeback single, no, this is a Justin Timberlake single written for the children’s movie Trolls. As such it feels pretty insignificant, with lyrics that exist merely to sound summery and disappointingly compressed production that barely gives weight to any of the instrumentation. It is considerably less bland than P!nk’s soundtrack effort and Justin Timberlake is easily one of the best male Pop performers out there today, it just doesn’t hold a candle to what we’ve come to expect from him.

3. Fall Together – The Temper Trap
Inoffensive Indie-Rock that you can play around your mum without getting funny looks. I guess there’s more to it than that, I enjoy the spotty synths that drive the verses but the guitars have very little weight behind them, the vocal performance is decent especially on the hook but the songwriting is far too reliant on that big chorus template. Overall, it’s nice to see an Indie band on the charts but this isn’t good or bad enough to make me care.


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