Let’s Talk About: Cymbal

Music discovery and music sharing are both things I am immensely passionate about. This is a natural trait for someone as enamoured with music as I am, when something brings you so much excitement and intrigue you are bound to want to seek it out and share it with those around you. The question is, what is the best method of doing this in the digital age? I mean there was once a time where you had to physically show people what you were listening to, but with the advent of the internet you can take any piece of music be it old or new, local or foreign and put it right under the nose of potentially thousands of followers. The natural choice of platform for digital sharing is Facebook, and I’ll admit I have vivid memories of a younger me flooding people’s newsfeeds with dreadful scene-core bands, but the problem is most people just don’t give a shit. There are other platforms, Twitter, Instagram, but most of the time musical posts will be met with indifference as, understandably, it’s not everyone’s thing.

Which brings us to the topic of this post, finally a suitable online platform has been brought to us, and it’s been made by people who clearly love music and were determined to create the best way to share it. Cymbal was first launched in May last year as an unfortunate ios exclusive which left me somewhat frothing at the mouth to try it out. So much so in fact that when I finally caved and bought a new iPad, the first thing I did was download the app and get my profile started. The basic idea of the app is that you post any song you’re really digging in that moment and it gives you almost the entirety of the Spotify and Soundcloud catalogue to choose from. The layout is surprisingly clean considering it’s such a fresh app; anyone familiar with Instagram will feel right at home with the chronological vertical and multiple tabs. Cleverly, only the most recent track you post will be displayed in the feed, so I don’t have to feel like I dick if I decide to post a few tracks in quick succession.

Cymbal doesn’t just appeal to my acute love for music sharing; it also taps into my primal urge to document my days. While most people do this normally with pictures, tweets and statuses, there’s nothing I can consistently stick to in life besides listening to and getting worked up over music. I scroll down my profile as it is now and I remember when I posted “Devil in Jersey City” after seeing Coheed and Cambria or when I posted “Apollo” after driving around listening to Last Dinosaurs all day.

Cymbal gives me the opportunity to not only share and find music I enjoy, but also to map out my days in a way that works for me. It is the perfect app for both audiophiles and casual listeners alike and it has just announced its Android beta (finally). Do yourself a favour, download the app now and start building your own music discovery portfolio.

Follow me when you get there too, https://cymbal.fm/ellagos



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