ARIA Chart Wrap Up – 25/06

The Top Ten:

  1. One Dance – Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla
  2. This is What You Came For – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna
  3. Too Good – Drake ft. Rihanna
  4. Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake
  5. Me Too – Meghan Trainor
  6. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya
  7. Panda – Desiigner
  8. Just Like Fire – P!nk
  9. Say It – Flume ft. Tove Lo
  10. Cake By The Ocean – DNCE

Considering my lengthy absence from looking at the charts I can’t say I’m not disappointed with the lack of fluctuation in the top ten. One Dance and This is What You Came For continue to battle it out for the top spot as Drake’s streaming dominance keeps the superior airplay and sales from the Calvin Harris from overtaking him again. At least Drake and Rihanna can both be happy with the astounding success of Too Good, which is essentially the superior cut of One Dance. Elsewhere Me Too shows promising signs of sputtering out and Panda rises to its greatest point yet at 7.


  1. Needed Me – Rihanna

No matter how hard Rihanna tries with this song I can’t see how its churning mediocrity will ever see more than the bare minimum of chart success. I’m predicting a brief second chart run that never excels past the halfway point.


  1. We Don’t Talk Anymore – Charlie Puth ft. Selena Gomez 22>12
  2. Be The One – Dua Lipa 19>13
  3. Don’t Be So Shy – Imany 42>26

The growth of Charlie Puth’s Selena Gomez collaboration is hardly surprising, the guy has a tight grip over radio attention and We Don’t Talk Anymore might be his most commercially viable single yet. Don’t Be So Shy rides the waves of 90’s nostalgia up to an impressive 26 but the real surprise is the reincarnation of Be The One by Dua Lipa which somehow shot back up to 13 after it had been steadily losing chart momentum.



  1. Work From Home – Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign 16<23
  2. Faded – Alan Walker 23<31
  3. 7 Years – Lukas Graham 24<32
  4. Girls Like – Tinie Temp ft. Zara Larsson 38<43
  5. Hello Friday – Flo Rida ft. Jason Derulo 29<24

Aside from the hilariously underperforming Hello Friday, this week’s drops are all expected and warranted cases of slowing momentum after sustained chart runs.

New Hits:

  1. Heathens – Twenty One Pilots
    Twenty One Pilots have already accomplished far more than anyone could have ever predicted when they first started generating buzz. The hype for this band has reached nuclear levels and while I have my reservations about some of their recent material, Heathens shows that the band still has creative steam left. It’s rare to hear something so dark and sombre on the charts, with 21P setting out to match the apparent grimy tone of Suicide Squad. Just like the upcoming movie the song does suffer from trying to appear “edgy” lyrically; however, the eerie vocal performance and delightfully creeping composition make for one of their best tracks yet.
  1. Mama Said – Lukas Graham
    Lukas Graham’s 7 Years might be the biggest success story of the year, with audiences worldwide captivated by its genuine tone and reflective lyricism. Lukas Graham continues to focus on the past with Mama Said where he compliments the way his parents handled his lower-middle class upbringing. Graham’s lyrics are grounded and agreeable; his penchant for writing pleasant Folk-leaning Pop tunes can’t be denied. The overall sound is where the song stumbles, with the docile piano line, overly harsh percussion and the damn child backing vocals (these need to stop) combining into an unpleasant mix. Also Graham reaching for those higher notes on the last chorus was just grating.
  1. 1000x – Jarryd James ft. Broods
    I have more time than most in the critical field for Jarryd Jame’s occasionally comatose crooning. Since his duet with Julia Stone Regardless was easily the best song on his debut last year I was interested to hear how he would mesh with a more logical pairing in New Zealand’s Broods. The collaboration works out exactly how you’d expect it to, considering both singers have the performing presence of a frozen rock; there is plenty of pleasant vocal melodies and harmonies but a dire lack of anything truly engaging.
  1. Don’t Mind – Kent Jones
    To be honest, once I hear that thick DJ Mustard-esque synth pattern open up a song I tend to shut out what follows. I’ll give Kent Jones credit where it’s due I mean he is an energetic performer with some notable(?) Caribbean influences, but damn this song is repetitive. At first I thought I just couldn’t understand what he was saying on the chorus then I realised he is speaking other languages to make a point about the amount of different ethnicities he fucks (genius). This is a personal affliction I’m going to name “Young Thug syndrome” which is when you just assume the rapper is speaking English even when they are incomprehensible. Song is pretty much trash but fun enough to go off at a party where everyone is completely wrecked.
  1. Wherever I Go – OneRepublic
    There’s something uncomfortably manic about OneRepublic’s return to the mainstream foray, Ryan Tedder sounds genuinely unhinged as he bursts out a forced falsetto over the punchy keys. The whole affair passes by so quickly it’s like some kind of fever dream, one where OneRepublic have gone full Maroon 5 and completely fallen off the wagon. It’s still too soon to confirm if this utterly ridiculous stab at Pop-Rock is a morbid sign of things to come for the veteran group, it’s just not a good start.

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