ARIA Chart Wrap Up – 02/07

The Top Ten:

  1. One Dance – Drake ft. Wizkid & Kyla
  2. This is What You Came For – Calvin Harris ft. Rihanna
  3. In My Blood – The Veronicas
  4. Can’t Stop The Feeling – Justin Timberlake
  5. Too Good – Drake ft. Rihanna
  6. Don’t Let Me Down – The Chainsmokers ft. Daya
  7. Me Too – Meghan Trainor
  8. Panda – Desiigner
  9. Just Like Fire – P!nk
  10. Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes


This week has given us two new entries into the top ten, both of which are fairly surprising. Seeing The Veronicas have a bit of success with In My Blood isn’t too shocking considering many people still hold their noughties material in high regard, but number 3 on the charts is staggering considering how middle of the road it is. Then there is the horrendous new Shawn Mendes single Treat You Better which is somehow gaining unwarranted traction. Elsewhere Me Too dropped (yay) but so did Too Good (dang) while JT, Calvin Harris and Drake all maintain their grip on the upper echelons of the chart.


  1. Wild – Troye Sivan
  2. Hold Up – Beyonce

After releasing a revised version of Wild featuring Alessia Cara, the single is enjoying another (likely brief) chart run. As much as I think Alessia’s harder-edged vocals are superior to Troye’s stoic croons, her presence detracts from the intimacy of the decent original. Beyonce continues her series of spastic chart runs with the return of Hold Up, which will undoubtedly vanish in the coming weeks.


  1. In My Blood – The Veronicas 22>3
  2. Treat You Better – Shawn Mendes 15>10
  3. Don’t Be So Shy – Imany 26>16
  4. Send My Love (To Your New Lover) – Adele 24>17
  5. Wherever I Go – OneRepublic 50>32
  6. Don’t Mind – Kent Jones 49>39

I’ve mentioned my surprise at the rise of In My Blood and my utter disparity at the rise of Treat You Better, but how did the rest of our gains fair this week? Well Don’t Be So Shy looks set to become a certified smash hit as it continues to rocket up the chart, while Send My Love enjoys a sizable boost to 17 which seems almost mandatory for an Adele track. One can only hope that Wherever I Go doesn’t somehow crack the top 20 as I went over how appalling it is last week.


  1. Be The One – Dua Lipa 13<21
  2. Home – Topic ft. Nico Santos 19<24
  3. I Took a Pill in Ibiza – Mike Posner 18<25
  4. Work From Home – Fifth Harmony ft. Ty Dolla $ign 23<28
  5. 1955 – Hilltop Hoods ft. Montaigne & Tom Thum
  6. Do It Right – Anna Marie 38<47
  7. Sound of Silence – Dami Im 29<49

Be The One finally starts to drop after its sudden resurrection last week and it brings a few of it’s older compatriots with it. Home takes a hit to 24 though unfortunately it never had much traction anyway. Do it Right begins to slip out of the charts prematurely and Sound of Silence dips out after a more than respectable chart run for a Eurovision hit.

New Hits:

  1. Hard Love – Ellie Drennan 41

A quick Google search tells me that 17 year old Ellie Drennan was the winner of last year’s edition of The Voice Australia. This gives me an immediate sense of dread in approaching her third official single Hard Love. Credit goes to Ellie though as her sweet vocal performance is the best part of the track but it is evident that she is direly in the grips of the music competition lynchpins. This is most evident through the waves of synthetic percussion which swallow the acoustic intimacy that Ellie’s voice is so suited to.

  1. Enough – Delta Goodrem ft. Gizzle

The best thing I can say about this song is that it is “epic”. It’s not something commonly associated with Delta Goodrem but the accumulation of rousing instrumentation and the constant presence of hilariously no-name rapper Gizzle make the scope of this track admirable. It just doesn’t play to Delta’s strengths, her powerful performance on the chorus is comically offset by the lax energy of Gizzle on the verses and the wailing guitars on the outro are just over the top.

  1. Controlla – Drake

In all honesty, when Controlla first leaked back in May, it all but confirmed that Views was going to be a disappointment. It’s not an awful song, it just radiates the exact kind of mediocrity that makes One Dance such an annoying number one, decent but uninspired production paired with Drake’s fairly sedated singing. As this song drags on longer and is considerably more dull than One Dance I can’t see it flying up the charts, but it wouldn’t be the first time Drake’s made me out to be a liar either.


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