Your Weekly Playlist: 06/08

Despite being capped off by yet another fruitless wait for Frank Ocean’s sophomore album, last week brought us a multitude of new tunes which included offerings from other sophomore projects, soundtracks and new tracks from well-established bands.

  1. Medieval Warfare – Grimes

On the surface this clusterfuck of a track has a notable lack of production polish and a very little in the way of longevity. Despite this the sheer spectacle of those rough-edged guitars paired with the thunderous percussion and Grime’s ominous voice makes it a worthy addition to your playlist. Much like what I’ve heard the Suicide Squad movie itself is like, a tonne of style with little substance.

  1. Gemini Feed – BANKS

As the second single off of Bank’s upcoming sophomore album “The Altar”, Gemini Feed keeps the hype fire burning but won’t do anything to ignite it for those not already invested. As with the previous single ‘Fuck With Myself” she continues to lean into a Pop friendly sound with the bouncier instrumental and more bombastic vocal performance. While this track is simpler than I would’ve hoped, Bank’s growing vocal and performing confidence is undeniably infectious.

  1. Limerent Death – The Dillinger Escape Plan

With the announcement that their upcoming album “Dissociation” will be their final before a lengthy hiatus, the stakes haven’t been this high for TDEP in a long time. Unsurprisingly they show no sign of mellowing out with their latest single being a bludgeoning but groovy triumph. Puciato’s blood-curdling shrieks in the last third of the track are a promising sign of the madness to come.

  1. Glow – Moose Blood

Moose Blood’s latest album “Blush” falls more in line with much of the Indie Pop/Rock than the Emo/Pop-Punk their debut aligned with. It’s a tonal shift that pays off in spades for the group as the abundance of hooks combined with the sweet melodic guitarwork make for one of the most pleasant Rock albums of the year.

  1. Chlorine – Trophy Eyes

Trophy Eyes have been a band that I’ve admittedly overlooked for a long time now, not that I’ve ever found them particularly bad they’ve just never grabbed my attention. The lead-off single for their upcoming follow-up album has me regretting my ignorance as the mix of Shoegaze, Hardcore and nineties influences blend together to create something delightfully ethereal but still punchy.

  1. Come Back to Me – Montaigne

Come Back to Me shows off Montaigne’s debut album “Glorious Heights” at its best with the lush instrumentation supporting her distinctive voice nicely. At times Montaigne recalls the vocal ticks of Regina Spektor with the liveliness and confidence of Lily Allen. If only this consistency was prevalent through the whole album.

  1. Pyramids – Frank Ocean

Finally we end this week’s proceedings with a tune that will hopefully help mitigate some of the crushing disappointment Friday brought us all. I mean, even if “Boys Don’t Cry” never comes around at least Frank Ocean gave us what might be the best song of the decade thus far in the form of this two part R&B titan. There isn’t much that can be said about this song that hasn’t been said before, the narrative at play is excellent and Frank’s voice acts it out perfectly while the instrumental achieves the perfect balance between minimalism and bombast.


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