Your Weekly Playlist 13/08

  1. Super Natural – Danny L Harle, Carly Rae Jepsen

PC Music and Carly Rae Jepsen are two of the most prominent forces in Bubblegum Pop working today. In this collaboration Harle’s elastic instrumentation benefits greatly from the coherency Carly brings to the track, keeping it focussed. It’s probably not as explosive as one would expect from a collaboration of this blissful calibre, but in keeping things simple the Danny L Harle has constructed an immensely pleasing track that ticks all the right boxes.

  1. Fake I.D. – Joyce Manor

With their upcoming album “Cody” slated for an October release, Joyce Manor give us a small taste of the typically sullen brand of Pop-Punk to come. Fake I.D. presents a quirky hook-up tale lathered in tongue in cheek pretentiousness and inescapably catchy vocal melodies.

  1. Free Lunch – Isaiah Rashad

As one of the freshest member of Top Dawg Entertainment and with a solid mixtape under his belt already, Isaiah Rashad’s debut album is long overdue. Free Lunch is a promising sign of things to come, with a delicate beat, a confident flow and lyrics which discuss Rashad’s rise through poverty with just enough grit to sound hard.

  1. 22 (OVER SooN) Bob Moose Extended Cab Version – Bon Iver

Bon Iver presented us with two obnoxiously titled singles this week off his upcoming album. 22 Over Soon is the more atmospheric of the bunch, containing the same Indie-Folk aspects you’d expect for a Bon Iver song, except buried under layers of samples and distortion. It’s a different step for the band but the warm, lush melodies which have come to define them still shine through.

  1. Afterimage – Wander (or Wvnder now?)

With their sophomore album due out this Friday (already streaming though), Afterimage is a promising glimpse of what’s to come for this fresh Pop-Punk/Alt. Rock group. Reminiscent of the more transcendent moments of their debut, the guitars dip and sway as if riding the waves of emotion beautifully expressed by their consistently impressive frontman.

  1. Downtown Grape Jelly – Amarionette

Taking influence from the Dance Gavin Dance/Coheed and Cambria wave of Post-Hardcore groups with spindly guitar leads and sugary lead vocals abound, Amarionette bring boundless hooks and energy with their latest album. Downtown Grape Jelly is one of the highlights thanks to its huge chorus and unrelenting guitarwork.

  1. Silvertongue – Young the Giant

While Young the Giant’s obsession with all things slick and over-polished is far from quenched on their new album, their sound still yields some retrievable moments of greatness. Silvertongue is one such moment, with the band’s pristine guitar grooves taking on a more funky edge which climaxes on the explosive chorus.


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